Elmore Mountain Therapeutics

EMT is a woman-owned Vermont based CBD company with a strong voice of female empowerment and feminism. Elmore Mountain Therapeutics operates at the intersection of well being, economic development, social justice and environmental sustainability.

2019-2020 Visual Content Creation.

Daily Instagram content + Brand Development


Digital, Web, Art Direction


Elmore Mountain

Therapeutics / Ashley Reynolds



All content was created with a strong and confidant voice and is meant to inspire and empower. Content ranges from daily inspirational quotes to vintage feminine collage pieces.

The spa line below is a new EMT drop for 2020. Products include a botanical blend of Sugar Scrubs, Body Oils, and Face Serums. All spa line content promotes self care and relaxation.

Web & Mobile

2019-2020 visual content for Elmore Mountain

Therapeutics Instagram feed, Instagram stories.

Content created in batches of 30 to supply daily

posts throughout each month.


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