Bare Republic Neon Sticks

Bare Republic Neon Sunscreen sticks are fun and unique neon SPF 50 sunscreen sticks that come in 6 vibrant neon shades that pop off the shelf. These are sold in a number of stores including Walmart, Walgreens, ULTA Beauty, and Target.

I had a lot of fun working on the drop of this product line - Creating lively and eye catching assets to be used across digital platforms for months to come. Digital content included gifs, flatlays/product photography, lookbooks and editorials, e-blasts, social media imagery, and more.


Lookbook / Editorial, Digital & Web


Bare Republic



Creative Director: Eric Gangnath

Owner: Chris Birchby

The Lookbook

The lookbook below to be sent out to vendors, retailers, distributors, and investors to give a feel for the identity of the brand's fun new line of product, as well as showcase the many ways you can get creative with the Neon Sun Sticks.

The Lookbook has a clean "editorial" look to appeal to an older audience while still keeping it fun and youthful with vibrant neon paint stroke elements. This sunscreen is more than just SPF - It's a symbol of individuality and expression for adults and kids alike.


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