Bare Republic Rebrand

After given the role of Creative Lead for Bare Republic, I was given the massive task to work the company through a major rebrand.  This re-brand required me to work with the COOLA creative director, owner, as well as a large creative firm which was able to give us direction based on analytics on the consumers response to various marketing visuals. The new style and aesthetic had to then be carried through the entire brand for the 2019 Tradeshows, marketing collateral, retail, and more.


Identity & Branding, Print, Packaging, & Large format Displays


Bare Republic, ECRM

Creative Director: Eric Gangnath

Owner: Chris Birchby



The paint stroke divider (Seen above) is a graphic element I created to be used in web and print collateral to break up photography and create a solid background for text, headlines, subheads, and bodycopy. These colorful graphic elements always use Bare Republic's core colors.

To support the re-brand's youthful expression, I selected "Summer Loving" as a fun script typeface with high resolution paintbrush detail built in. It is used for bold and eye-catching headlines and phrases.

Core Colors

Bare Republic core colors are inspired from being outside: blue sky, sunsets on the beach and mountain ranges. Duotone color is a re-branding element I created to apply to photography to add an artistic pop of color to posters, ads, brochures, banners, presentations and displays.

Tradeshow Brochures 2019

Four Foamcore 18" x 24" posters, 8 double-sided 5" x 7" brochures, and two 81" pull down banners were created as a part of the 2019 ECRM Tradeshow for Bare Republic. This print collateral was created with the re-branding aesthetic in mind, matching the shelf, power wing, and skinny tower displays above.

Custom SPF 50 dual pack designed as Costco Exclusive.

Large-format custom display designed for dual packs (Below.)

Dual Pack - Front
Dual Pack - Back
2019-2020 Costco Display

2019-2020 Influenster box:

These boxes were sent out with a curated selection of Bare Republic products for the recipients to try and leave honest reviews of. Many recipients Tweeted and Instagramed their Bare Republic Influenster box, making it a great way for others to discover Bare Republic and our new Shimmer product line.

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