Bare Republic Shimmer Sunscreen

The 2019 Bare Republic Shimmer Sunscreen Sticks and Lotions were a very fun project I had the honor to take under my wing all the way from concept to finished product. Shimmer Sunscreen Sticks and Lotions were a completely new product for Bare Republic and are what pivoted my role to expand from Graphic Designer to Bare Republic Creative Lead. These can be found in Target, Walgreens, ULTA, and Walmart.


Product Packaging, Art Direction


Bare Republic


Creative Director


Eric Gangnath

Concept to Completion

This product started out with just an idea - "Shimmery Sunscreen". My biggest role in the component design was to come up with product concepts (below) and then figure out how to convey "Shimmer" and "Holographic" pigments throughout the desired line of colors. The color line was purposed as "Holographic, Gold, Silver, and Rose-Gold." Many hours were spent working with vendors and the creative team to achieve the correct holographic shade with each color.

This was an extremely careful and time consuming process, with a striking end product that jumps out on the shelf and begs to be picked up for further examination. I love the idea of designing a product with packaging that the consumer finds hard to throw away, which is very much achieved with this beautiful and unique product line.

Shimmer Lotions

Shimmer lotions come in three shades: Golden Daze, Diamond Dust, and Sparkling Rose and are also sold at ULTA, Target, Walmart and Walgreens.

2019 Shelf Strip

Below is the finished ULTA shelf strip for all Bare Republic products sold across the country. Each shelf strip consists of an angled "riser" sticker strip (top strip "Good clean fun"), and the frontal facing strip with product pricing.

This graphic was submitted directly to ULTA in a package including 10 variants in shelf sizes depending on which product they will be carrying this season.

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