COOLA Sun Silk Drops

I joined COOLA Suncare on the week they dropped "Sun Silk Drops" - A revolutionary new product, now winning countless awards in the skincare industry. At this time zero digital or photo assets were available, meaning a lot of work was to be done in a little amount of time. In only a couple weeks, I created hundreds of digital assets for the drop of this product; including email blasts, homepage banners, gifs, flatlays, lifestyle images, and social media assets. Overall the campaign came out beautifully and consumers reacted amazingly to our vision. These are sold in Sephora, ULTA, Birchbox, and other cosmetic and beauty retailers.

Creative Director: Eric Gangnath

Owner: Chris Birchby


Art Direction, Digital,

Web, & Branding


COOLA Suncare



Creative Director: Eric Gangnath

Owner: Chris Birchby

Digital Assets

All images on this page were directed, shot, and edited/created by me in-house. Icons and photos were used across all social and web platforms throughout the launch and release of the product.

All images below are sized for instagram usage, but are high-res enough for print and full-width web banners. The rainbow effect was an element I added to subtly convey the "Full Spectrum" protection this product is famous for.

Web & Mobile

Various images and banners were created for the COOLA Facebook and website homepage (below) As well as e-newsletters for product drop.

Social Assets

No product shots from influences early on meant assets had to be created from scratch - Some days I made digital mockups, and on others I had to borrow a fellow co-worker and bring her to the beach for a quick photoshoot. (Right)


Email and Instagram

E-Newsletter for product drop (Left) and Sun-Silk themed headliner images for the COOLA Instagram page (Below.)

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