Product Packaging



Creative Director:

Eric Gangnath

Target Dual Pack

This dual pack design was hand-selected by Target to run in their 2019 themed Summer end-cap line titled "Project Pineapple." This one-off design was created to match this pitch; Think bright summer colors, pineapples and palm trees, pool floats, and popsicles. Out of numerous designs pitched to the Target team, my design concept was selected to be brought to reality and featured and sold in thousands of Target stores across the United States.

The product for this campaign required a completely new box design that has never been used before, custom built to hold two different sunscreens - 1.7 oz and 5 oz.

I worked with product packaging specialists to create a box design showing box objects inside the box without needing a plastic film, making the box more environmentally friendly and easier to assemble.

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